Maybe, just maybe, you have been walking around trying to figure out where you fit in.

Chances are, you’re looking for a place to show up fully, without judgment.

Perhaps you’ve discovered that you’ve left pieces of yourself behind on your journey and you need some help locating them and putting them back where they belong.

Your friends may have stayed the same, or you may be looking for a new tribe of loving bad asses, to join you on your quest to spread your greatness around.

Diminishing your own light, you may be finding yourself saying yes (disguised as a no) to others more often than saying yes (a big yes) to yourself.

If you are like us, you’re probably tired of superficial conversations and connections, and are craving enriching interactions that are safe enough for you to bravely dip your toe in, yet deep enough for you to fully immerse yourself in.

It’s possible that you are standing on a ledge, with your cape on….just waiting for permission to fly.

It’s your turn. Go for it.
We’ve got your back.


Womentum Founder, Lana Wright, and various members explain why they joined Womentum and the benefits they have experienced from being a member.

Womentum is, to me, an amazing place where you can be yourself. You can come as your self. People accept you as your self and at the same time, there is no judgment, there is no backstabbing; there is none of that stuff that we all dealt with as teenagers. It’s just all gone. Everything is on the table for you to look at and it’s just a really nice, safe place to be.

– Carolynn, honorary Womentum Member

Be Seen. Belong. Become.

iStock_000038248336_MediumWhat We Stand For

We are all about BEING. We care more about WHO you are than what you do.
We HOLD SPACE for you to show up as your true self.
COME AS YOU ARE. We’ll meet you where you’re at.
We CREATE DEPTH in CONNECTION to ourselves and to others.
We STOKE FIRES. We don’t put them out.
We CELEBRATE each others’ victories.
We dig INTEGRITY. We love doing what we say we are going to do.
COMMITMENT equals TRUST. When you show up, everyone wins. Especially you.
We are ACCOUNTABLE for our own IMPACT on others and in the world.
Being INTENTIONAL in our lives is key in all things.
We are BOLD in our courage. Claiming our greatness is where it’s at.
We provide PERMISSION and will walk the line with you.
We focus on the TRUTH of today, not past stories that keep us small.

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