Our Story

Womentum exists because it is needed.

In 2010, Founder Lana Wright had an experience with one of her closest friends that left her feeling left out, “not good enough” and in competition with other women. It was a heartbreaking feeling for her. Imagine a 36 year old woman crying inconsolably like a 6 year old; her husband unable to comfort or understand what was going on, and why.

At the time, the experience and feelings surrounding it were very painful but buried beneath the hurt feelings that transported a grown woman back to the wounds of her childhood was a gift. That gift was Lana’s desire to offer women an alternative to the behaviors they’d been taught and the belief systems about female friendships passed on by their caregivers, peers and the media.

On a chilly February night in 2011, Womentum was born. Lana invited 14 women, whom she desired to connect with on a deeper level, into her living room to discuss the idea of moving women from a place of competition into a space of trust and connection. From that idea stemmed a beautiful discussion and commitment from 10 women who became our inaugural group.

We have continued to meet monthly, and our 1 group blossomed into 7 groups. Our goal is to continue that ripple effect throughout Calgary, throughout Alberta, across Canada and, eventually the world.

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