Facilitator Profiles

Lana Wright – Founding Facilitator

Who Am I?

lana_400pxIf you ask me what I do for a living, you’ll likely see my eyes glaze over in boredom. I hate to say it but I’m not good at networking, and small talk is my kryptonite. I truly believe that we are capable of so much more than that.

I’m into WHO you are; what you’re capable of, what your deepest desires are, and I want to know if you are willing to be who it takes to step into your true self, take control of your destiny and pass the torch to others so that they may do the same.

I’m an easy adapter, a connector, someone who ensures everyone is included, a “wear my heart on my sleeve” type of gal. I’m at my best when I can say what’s on my mind. I shine brightest when I can help facilitate an “ah-ha” moment in your mind, a light in your eye and an opening of your heart. I am most fulfilled when I see women showing up boldly and celebrating each other’s unique beauty and strength.

Music runs through my veins. I write poetry and love heavy metal. During the week, I drive a luxury car and on weekends, I ride a motorbike. I’ve discovered that I don’t belong in a box – I’m bigger than my body. And I don’t have to be or do only one thing. I can do them all.

I am a strong woman and I surround myself with people who ooze integrity, are full of curiosity and desire deeper relationships with themselves and others.

I was born to see you, accept you and meet you where you are at. My purpose in life is to reflect your greatness back at you and create a space for you to expand into your possibility.

That’s who I am.

What about you?

Meet Shandra. She’s been a member of Womentum for years, and has is entering her second year as a facilitator. We are so grateful for the loving wisdom and wit she brings to our groups.

Shandra Carlson

Shandra CarlsonLife happens. We get to decide how we handle it – good, bad or ugly. As my own life has demonstrated, it’s messy and it doesn’t always play according to the rules and ideals I created in my head. Sound familiar?

Living with what I’d like to think is a renegade mentality, it simply means I’ve chosen not to succumb to the norms we are constantly bombarded with, allowing what resonates deep within to surface and become the driver of my own destiny. I desire that for each and every human that crosses my path.

Live now, never wait. My mantra. That’s about the shortest, most succinct statement of me in a nutshell. With a keen awareness of how swiftly life moves, I want to breathe deeply of the gifts we are given daily – the sun rising in the east, the daisy poking its head through the spring soil or the smile of a loved one when they see you walk towards them.

As a mom of three teenage individuals, there is no mistaking that ours is a lively household and there are days I send myself to my room for the well being of all involved!

Read any good books lately? No? You can borrow some from my book shelves if you don’t mind overlooking tattered and highlighted pages.

My purpose in life, is to help you discover and thrive, in yours.

Live now, never wait.

Meet Clarissa. She is entering her second year of facilitation at Womentum and we absolutely feel honored to be able to add her kick ass goddess energy to our community.

Clarissa Khan

Clarissa- hanBeing part of bringing a community of women together in a conscious way is very important to me. I love seeing and experiencing the transformation that can happen over the course of a year when one is truly supported, heard and understood by a group of women who come together with open hearts.

Through Womentum, I have experienced a lot of personal growth and transformation, and I am deeply honored to be a part of such an amazing collective of women as both a participant and a facilitator. I look forward to holding a safe and sacred space for others’ growth and transformation to happen.

I couldn’t imagine a more blissful way to spend time, then to be in a group of women having open, truth-filled, soulful, healing conversations.

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