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Flora Italia

Whitney Alexandra

website email facebook instagram telephone 403-464-2246 Whitney Alexandra

We connect beautiful thoughts with beautiful things.

Flora Italia is a luxury brand that designs custom crystal art and jewellery with intention.

We are inspired every day to create these meaningful items with fresh positive energy infused in each piece. We do this to inspire women to live a life full of joy and love, received with an open heart.

Ideal Clients
Women with open hearts that love sparkle!

Flow Pilates & Movement

Flow Pilates

Lorissa Gilmore, Owner/Teacher

website email twitter pinterest telephone 403-474-7799 Lorissa Gilmore

Flow Pilates Movement offers private and semi-private Classical Pilates, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® sessions in an intimate studio in Calgary. Pilates is a system of movement designed to open the body while releasing joints, and is done on both the mat and specialized equipment. GYROTONIC® is an exercise method that will leave you feeling like you’ve given yourself a massage from the inside out – its exercise sequences are composed of spiraling, circular movements. Our specialty is teaching time-pressed women the movement skills needed so that they can create aligned, inspired and nourished lives.

Ideal Clients
Women who:

  • are willing to commit 1-2 hours each week to focus solely on themselves.
  • prefer one-on-one sessions, rather than working out in a crowded gym or group class.
  • want to go deeper in understanding how their bodies move.
  • desire an exercise and movement system that brings together mind, body and spirit, not “just exercise”.
  • are curious and want to explore and embody the Pilates philosophy of “Whole Body Health, Whole Body Commitment and Breathing”.

LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

LeAnne Bunnell Interiors

LeAnne Bunnell, Principal Interior Designer

website email facebook twitter linked-in pinterest instagram telephone 403-451-1677 LeAnne Bunnell

LeAnne Bunnell Interiors is a leading Calgary interior design firm. Our designs are rooted in function and elegance, and inspired by our clients’ unique tastes and lifestyles. There is nothing we love more than getting to know our clients and seeing their home transform into a timeless space they will enjoy for years.

Our services range from consulting on new builds, renovations and updates, to furniture planning and sourcing. We design custom furniture, drapery and millwork, and offer both ‘Bespoke’ and ‘Off The Rack’ service options for our clients.

We’ve just introduced ‘Room Polish’ ~ Ask us about how we can put the finish touch on your home!

Ideal Clients
We love our clients! We work with fun and stylish people who aren’t afraid of placing their home in our very capable hands. Each project is a collaboration with unique outcomes and ‘sometimes’ an adventurous path to get there. Our clients know where they want to go but don’t always know the path to take or don’t have the time to complete it on their own. We’re here to help!

Shandra Carlson The Renegade Life

The Renegade Life

Shandra Carlson, Owner

websiteemailfacebooktwitterlinked-inpinteresttelephone403-813-0310 Shandra Carlson

At a loss for words? I write …
Stuck in a rut? I coach …
Inspiration eluding you? I speak!

Ideal Clients

I love to work with people who are in the midst of change or transition, who may not know what they need to know to get to their next step and are open to new ways of being and doing. Living a Renegade Life is not about the same old, same old, but embracing adventure and searching for ways to live – fully alive.

Steel Toe Stiletto

Steel Toe Stiletto Ltd.

Jill Drader, CEO

websitewebsiteemailfacebookfacebooklinked-intelephone 403-630-0777 Jill Drader

Hey I’m Jill! I’m a coach and consultant who can help you build a business, change your life path, or develop a new strategy to grow what you’ve got. I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs go after their visions.

Also, I coach people in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. If you’re looking to create a life to thrive in, let’s talk to see if the resources I have are what you need on this part of your journey.

Check out to see if you’re connected to what I offer, if you like what you see send me an email and we can arrange a call to chat about your specific needs.

Ideal Clients
People witnessing they’re ready for change, willing to do the work, and desiring a greater more fulfilled everyday than what you’re experiencing now.


TicTok Virtual Assistance

Shelley McKenzie, Principal, Certified Virtual Assistant

websiteemailfacebooktwitterlinked-inpinterestinstagramtelephone 403-560-3400 Shelley-McKenzie

Partnering with your successful, growing online businesses! I implement and manage the wide variety of strategies and tools you require to be the best in your industry.

As a certified Virtual Assistant and eCommerce specialist, I partner with business owners to manage and implement both the marketing and technological “back end” of your business. If you have some team members already, I can work with them and be the liaison for your company.

Contact me today to learn more about how I will add time to your day!

Ideal Clients
Women who are running successful businesses who are looking for more time in their day. These business owners know their strengths and want to spend time in their “zone of excellence” and are ready and willing to pay for someone else to take care of the rest… and they are wanting to partner with a support person they can trust to get the work done on their own.

Some of these entrepreneurs may already have some support in place but they have reached a new level in their business (or are trying to but are bogged down in the daily details) and need more help or different help. Perhaps someone to manage the back-end of their business and definitely take more off their plate.

live fully expressed

Guided Singing Circles

Katrein Ruehmland, Founder


Katrein Ruehmland

Guided Singing Circles are a space where women can re-connect and explore our authentic voice, together. To be free to be ourselves through song and to inspire each other.

“Like a choir?”

Sort of. We don’t have to memorize music, we are free to move around and feel the music and miss a note and forget the words. No singing experience is required. It’s not about skill, it’s about the willingness and desire to sing and trust your voice. I call it Guided Singing – guiding your voice to remember how to sing.

“What do you mean, “Remember how to sing”?”

I knew how to sing before I learned how to sing. Listen to children if you don’t believe me. Those pure little voices did not have lessons or waited for permission. They just do it! And it sounds beautiful! Their body already knows how to sing.

It is our birthright to sing – NOW. Not when we think we are “good enough” or when someone else tells us we are allowed to sing. If you have been waiting for that, let me help you, “This is your permission to sing!”

The more you allow your voice to play, the more you will trust it – which will boost your confidence.Singing is self-care for your soul.

Yes you CAN sing! Come and remember how!

Ideal Clients
Women who love to sing (even if they don’t think they are very good) because it feels good and it’s fun.
Absolute beginners.
Feel uncertain of singing in front of others – but would love to try.
Would love to get to know your voice better without the formality of lessons or the time commitment of joining a choir.
You love to sing in the car, in the kitchen, getting ready to go out.
You watch Carpool Karaoke and think, “That would be so much fun!”

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