• Womentum is an organization I am so proud and honoured to be part of. When they approached me to be a guest speaker, I was immediately drawn to their mission of creating connecting vs. competition. As a business + leadership coach, I see all too often how women can get caught up in comparison and competition with their peers, and the negative impact of that. So it was incredibly refreshing and inspiring to hear about a group that was actively forming deep friendships and busting through some of the roadblocks that keep women playing small and missing true connection with other women.

    In fact, I had such a powerful experience facilitating the Dancing with Greatness workshop, that it wasn't long after before I asked Lana if I could join as a member. I wanted more Womentum!! I've been a member ever since and have forged some really meaningful friendships with a group of women that I admire and respect. It's been a great reprieve in the chaos of everyday life - one sacred place to come and share, be real and be heard. I wholeheartedly endorse Womentum -- it's brought so much goodness to my life. Thank you!

    Stephanie Pollock Speaker, Womentum member
  • One of the biggest things (about Womentum) is the connection. I also have recognized the growth in me. Going from somebody who couldn't say what my dream was....and now I'm living my dream. The strength that came from the group to encourage me and reaffirm what my strengths and capabilites are really propelled me forward. It's been a really powerful experience.Shandra Carlson Womentum member
  • I decided to join Womentum because I realized that what I was missing in life was good female connection. I really wanted some deep meaningful relationships and also not to feel judged or like I wasn't good enough. I really realize the potential I have as a woman, mother, wife and friend. I'm more open minded, I don't put limits on myself and I see that I have so much to give.

    Stephanie Womentum member
  • I just came off maternity leave when I joined Womentum, so I needed a new network of Women who weren't just moms. The connectedness to the group of women that are in my group is huge. They've become part of my daily thoughts....It's become my new network of friends.Jill Drader Womentum member
  • I already had great friends, a great family and people in my life, but I realized my connections weren't as deep as they could have been. I wanted to be in a place where I could come; people would listen, people would encourage and just support whatever I was doing in my life. The biggest benefit I noticed was meeting women similar to me. Once a month, I know that I'd walk out and feel so good, no matter what type of day I had. I left feeling lighter and happier. It's a supportive group of people who encourage me to be my best and make me feel great.Amber Womentum member
  • I joined Womentum to feel encouraged and surrounded by a diverse yet harmonized group of individuals looking to gain momentum.Lara Womentum member
  • When I leave a meeting I definitely feel more empowered, back on track....and I feel the support that's ongoing. I can feel the people I've just spent 2 hours with on my journey as I continue. Womentum has helped me in my relationships outside and inside business. It's opened my eyes as to how we should treat each other.Jess Womentum member
  • Womentum is my heart’s work. I truly believe, and it has been proven to me, that Women are not only capable of being committed, loyal friends, they are also able to affect powerful change when you get them together in any group setting. I have witnessed incredible individual growth for each one of our members. Our community and small groups within that community have really collaborated to ensure that each person excels as a human being. With masks and labels being left at the door, there is no room or need for rank. We are all equals. When you assemble people and encourage them to share who they are, and they can do so free of judgement, they are empowered to better themselves and thier relationships. I am very proud of the community I have co-created with our members.Lana Wright Womentum's founding facilitator
  • I didn't even know that support, relationships, and connection could ever look or feel as amazing as what Womentum has created for me, and I didn't know how much I truly needed it in my life. The growth I have experienced since joining Womentum has been  huge, I feel like I've had the support, time, space and encouragement to delve into who I am, and the opportunity to show up as my true authentic self, and because of all of that, I've easily found the courage to make the changes in my life I've always wanted to. Each year I look forward to seeing what magical things will happen!Clarissa KhanClarissa Khan Womentum Facilitator
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