Womentum is…

Moving Women from Competition to Connection

At Womentum….


..Create small, cohesive and connected groups of women with like-minded goals, expectations and personalities
…Crave and facilitate deep conversation
..Keep our commitments to you and to ourselves. We show up and stay present.
..Are a community of inclusion. We invite you to show up as you – and be celebrated for that.
..Move forward in our lives, relationships and businesses.
..Reflect back the already present power and beauty to the women in our groups, empowering them to take their light and work into the world.
..Are armed with juicy topics of conversation, and offer workshops that will get you thinking and motivate you to go out into the world and rock it.
..Lovingly kick your ass and give you permission to be who you are in the world.
..Provide you with tools to take with you into your life that help amplify it.
..Walk with you through fear into greatness.
..Co-create a tribe that has your back.
..Are equals


..Don’t tolerate gossip
..Aren’t cliquey
..Aren’t a “drop in” group. We expect a commitment of attendance.
..Don’t care what your profession is or isn’t
..Don’t let you stay stuck in old stories that no longer serve you
..Are not appropriate for anyone dealing with depression or requiring the assistance of a mental health professional
..Aren’t a business networking group*

*although our main focus is personal growth, it’s been our observation that the women in our groups see greater momentum in their business lives as a result of being in our groups. We offer a twist to business marketing through intentional, specifically designed networking events.


  • Womentum is my heart’s work. I truly believe, and it has been proven to me, that Women are not only capable of being committed, loyal friends, they are also able to affect powerful change when you get them together in any group setting. I have witnessed incredible individual growth for each one of our members. Our community and small groups within that community have really collaborated to ensure that each person excels as a human being. With masks and labels being left at the door, there is no room or need for rank. We are all equals. When you assemble people and encourage them to share who they are, and they can do so free of judgement, they are empowered to better themselves and thier relationships. I am very proud of the community I have co-created with our members.Lana Wright Womentum's founding facilitator


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